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What data can be imported into FUTRLI?

FUTRLI allows you create Organisations using data from Xero, Quickbooks or your accountancy platform of choice. You can also import additional non-financial data and upload budgets created elsewhere via CSV.

Written by Ross MacLeod

Uploading your first Manual Organisation / Trial Balance

You can create Organisations within FUTRLI using data from any accountancy platform via CSV. In this guide we’re going to walk through creating a manual organisation in FUTRLI for the first time and then importing data to.

Written by Ross MacLeod

How do I manually sync an Organisation? (Bring new data in)

You can Manually sync an Organisation within the Organisations section of FUTRLI. Simply navigate to the Organisations section and click the ‘Sync Now’ button adjacent to the Organisation in question:

Written by Ross MacLeod

How can I Add an Account Line to a Manual Organisation

Written by Matthew Cawthra

How do I Change the Year-end for my Organisation?

Written by Matthew Cawthra

How to delete an organisation

Sometimes you need to remove an organisation from your account. This is the owner’s job

Written by Ross MacLeod

How do I report on Tracked Data in FUTRLI? (Departments, Regions, Jobs etc)

You can report on tracked data in FUTRLI using a Tracking Card. This allows you to view data you’ve applied a track to in Xero. You can view tracked data on it’s own or collectively.

Written by Ross MacLeod

How is data in FUTRLI stored?

All data within FUTRLI is stored within the Amazon Cloud service knows as RDS. We employ industry standard SSL and TLS encryption and we regularly undergo security testing.

Written by Ross MacLeod

How do I remove an Organisation in FUTRLI?

Organisations can be removed in the Organisations section of FUTRLI. Organisations can only be removed by the Account Owner. When an Owner deletes an Organisation, that Organisation will also be deleted for all Admins and Users.

Written by Ross MacLeod

Adding your first Organisation: Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB and more

Learn how to connect a QuickBooks, Xero or MYOB Online Organisation to FUTRLI for the first time and start creating beautiful reports, building three-way forecasts and setting up alerts to manage your business on auto-pilot

Written by Hannah Dawson