Resending an Invitation

Written by Ross MacLeod


You can resend a sent invitation in the Users section. Invitations to Futrli remain active for 2 weeks. After that point the outstanding invitation will remain displayed in the  Invites area of the Users section until removed, but it will no longer be possible for the invited User to accept the invitation. Resending an invitation activates the invitation for a further 2 weeks and will resend the invitation email to the User.

How to Resend an Invitation

First navigate to the the Users section. In the Users section, press Invites to see an overview of Users whom have outstanding invitations to Futrli:

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 15.58.15
In the Invites section you’ll find an overview of Users whom have outstanding invitations. Adjacent to each User you’ll find the option to resend or remove the invitation:

Press the Resend button to resend the Invitation. If no longer active, this will both resend and reactivate the invitation.

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