Adding templates, charts, tables and text to a page

Start adding eye-catching Charts, informative Tables and inspiring Text elements to your Report Pages and wowing your clients and colleagues.

Written by Ross MacLeod

By this point you should have learnt how to create your first report, how to edit pages and how to set page layouts. Now it’s time to start looking at how you can add content to your printed reports. Find out how to:

  • Add templates
  • Add charts, tables and text elements

Adding templates

At Futrli we’re all about saving you time. That’s why, as well as template reports and template pages, we’ve also created template page elements for you to make the process of adding content to a report as quick and easy as possible. To add a template, hover over an empty page element and select template:

Adding Templates to a Report

You’ll now find a detailed list of templates to choose from, complete with descriptions and a visual preview. Scroll through the list or use the search bar to find the template you’re looking for, then select it to add it to your page:

Adding a Prebuilt Template

Adding a new chart, table or text element

As well as templates, you can also add individual chart, table and text elements. To do so, hover over the empty page element you wish to occupy and then make your desired selection. By default, we’ll add income to any new chart or table you create, but don’t worry, you can remove this and freely add whatever metrics you wish to report on when building your report:

A New Chart

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