Adding commentary and printing your report

Add commentary to your Charts and Tables to discuss the numbers in more detail and longer conversations to Text elements. Once you’re happy, save and print!

Written by Futrli Support

Once you’ve finished formatting your reports for maximum impact, it’s time to add commentary for clients and colleagues and then to print and share! In this guide you’ll find out how to:

  • Add annotations
  • Format text elements
  • Save and print your reports

How to add annotations

You can add additional commentary to your charts and tables with annotations. Use these to reflect on the numbers in your report, add comments for colleagues or simply to discuss the weather. It’s up to you! To add commentary, select Edit on the required report and select Annotations from the right sidebar and enter your comments in the text box provided.

Any text you add will appear below your selected chart and table.

Annotation on a Card

Formatting text elements

If you’d like to discuss points in more detail then you can do so using a Text Element. This feature allows you to freely add text and images to your report, and format the results as you wish. Prefer to use headers or to bolden text? You can!

To add text to a newly created text element, simply select the element and start typing:

Text Element Screen

Use the options in the right side panel to format the text you enter:

You can even add images like your logo!

Saving and printing reports

When you’re happy with the report you’ve created, select the Save button in the top right. This will save your progress up to now:

To share your report as a PDF so you can print it, ensure you have the appropriate report selected and then click Print:

We’ll then create a PDF version of your report in the background. You can carry on using Futrli whilst this happens or even log off. Once your report has finished generating, we’ll let you know in-app and store a download link for the PDF in your Notifications.

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