5 Steps to Your Business Health Check and Killer Dashboard: Step 1 (of 5)

You’ll make a killer dashboard in 15 minutes. It’s broken into 5 bite-sized parts.

Written by Hannah Dawson

By the end of the 5 steps, you will have:

  • Found out a lot about your business
  • Already completed your entry training

What we do and how you’ll use Futrli

What’s unique about Futrli is that it’s a hybrid of the best of BI (Business Intelligence) and Forecasting. Both are pretty dry topics (!), but the life changing stories we hear from our customers every day because of this integrated approach is pretty humbling.

We run all of our business operations on Futrli, and couldn’t live without it (after many horrendous years in spreadsheets!). So my challenge with these 5 steps is to give you a taste of the insights that drive our business in 15 minutes.

And of course, there are next steps and we’ll hold your hand through them if you want us to.

Creating your first Killer Dashboard

Your dashboards have multiple uses. To get the most out of them you need to have a focus for what insights you want to get from them, and to do that, you need to know which Card (reports) are going to get you there.

The key thing to remember is that your Dashboards can and should be your live business/action plan. As data flows through every day, from Xero or QuickBooks etc, the report/insights you have created are always the up to date picture, even at a glance. So, you’re always ready to take that next step, pivot because something has come from left field or most likely start sleeping again because you now feel in control.

You’re going to:

  • Create a new Dashboard (Board)
  • Add 4 different types of reports (Cards): find out why, and get lots more insights from them
  • Build 2 forecasts
  • And all in 15 minutes!

Step 2: Creating the Dashboard and getting 5, essential, fuss-free insights from a Snapshot