5 Steps to your business health check and Killer Dashboard: Step 5

The final report – which scenario is the best for your business’s future? Let’s look at your cash…

Written by Hannah Dawson

The final report!

This is the last card I want you to add to the end of your board.

This card let’s you compare this year v last year, forecast v actual and scenario v scenario. We are going to do the latter to emphasise the power of visualising your future.

We can do this comparing last year’s actual data and the scenario created, A better picture – let’s see if it is! Follow the settings below, and then add the bank accounts category in the report tab as you have done before, and choose the display as a chart only – line chart.

And the result for me?

“A better picture” is clearly worse. This is not unsurprising as we were acting like a bank for our customers. But for you, what does the picture look like? This is why you need to create a thoughtful forecast. Hopefully you can see why it’s so important – don’t be one of the many business that fail.

You made it to the end! Initial training is complete, so KUDOS to you! The 3 additional Cards at the bottom of the board, are:

  • a Proportion one for Expenses, with accounts selected for the chart display
  • a Report one for Revenue, with the same selection
  • a Snapshot with bank accounts selected to give that cash overview today

I’d recommend that you now:

  1. Get some essential Alerts set up, so that we can monitor your business for you
  2. Organise your Chart of Accounts to make it really meaningful for you and your team
  3. Get an initial more reflective Forecast created so that you really know where you are going
  4. Get visualising your business possibilities on the Dashboards
  5. Invite your team/stakeholders/bank manager/advisor to the party with live updating dashboards that you can collaborate on.

Your business will change over time and we are flexible enough to change with you! Please let us know if you need any help with anything – we are always on hand.


Co-founder & CEO