Creating a FUTRLI Account

Welcome to FUTRLI. In this Getting Started guide we’re going to be explaining how to create a FUTRLI account for the first time. How exciting!

Written by Ross MacLeod

Navigating to the FUTRLI app

Before we can start using FUTRLI to plot world domination we need to navigate to the app itself. You can do that via theĀ FUTRLI website by selecting the Signup button in the top right:

FUTRLI Home Page

Or by heading straight to the FUTRLI app itself. That done, you should now be gazing lovingly at the cool, calming sight of Brighton on a Summer’s day:


FUTRLI Registration Page

Completing the Registration Page

We’ve tried to make the initial registration process as clear and easy as possible, so all you need to do now is enter your name and email, and a memorable password that’s at least 5 characters long:

A completed Signup form

Personalising your experience

After creating your account, it’s time for us to get to know you a little better so that we can provide you with the best possible experience. Don’t worry there are no wrong answers! First, who are you? Are you an Accountant, Bookkeeper or Financial Advisor whom plans to use FUTRLI with one or multiple clients? Or are you runningĀ or working within a business, and wish to use FUTRLI for your own firm? Simply select the option which best describes how you wish to use FUTRLI:

Accountant or Business Owner

Next, enter the name of your firm and your region. The latter is important as it will influence the currency that we bill you in! If you’re a Business Owner you’ll also find the option to enter your Industry and to get in touch with our team to discuss how FUTRLI can help you achieve your business goals.

Adding your first Organisation

Now you’ve created your account and told us a little bit more about you, it’s time to add your first Organisation so you can start using FUTRLI to accelerate your business. We recommend you do that now:

Adding your first Organisation to FUTRLI