How does Futrli handle Brought Forward Balances?

Written by Ross MacLeod


When you create a Forecast in Futrli, we will source the Opening Balances of your Balance Sheet lines from your Actuals, pulling the Closing Balance of each line from the month prior to your Scenario Start Date. That means if you have an outstanding Balance of £25,000 in one line, this will become your Opening Balance for that line when you create your Forecast. In this guide we’re going to walk


The projected payment of your brought forward balances should be entered as a forecast item against the line in question. For example, if I create a new scenario and at the point of creating my scenario I have a b/f balance of £10,000 against my Receivable line, I would enter my anticipated payments of this value by creating a forecast line against my Receivable. In the example below, I’m anticipating that 1/3 of the value will be being paid in each of the next 3 months:

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