How do I display Forecast or Budget Data on a Card?

Written by Matthew Cawthra


Using a Card is a convenient way of displaying Scenario Data. The Scenario section of Futrli will display 12 months at a time, but by using a Card, the time periods that are displayed can be specifically selected.

Step One

Navigate to the Board the Card is to appear in and click Add Card to create a new Card:

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 11.27.50

Step Two

The majority of Cards will allow you to display Scenario data. A convenient Card to use is a Report Card:

Step Three

Once you have created your new Report Card, you will need to select the Organisation the Forecast is associated with, before selecting the option Forecast from the Data Type options. Select the Scenario you wish to display and then the date range required:

Step Four

Once all Settings have been completed, you can add Accounts, Account Lines and Formulas in the Report section:

Step Five

Click Done when all Accounts have been added to reveal the Card. This Card can now be exported via PDF and CSV if needed:

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