How Can I Import Non-Financial Data to a Card (Report)?


As well as uploading financial data to Cards on Futrli, there is also the ability to upload non-financial data (more information on how to upload non-financial data to Futrli can be found here). The majority of Card options will allow you to upload non-financial data, but the most convenient Card to use is a Report Card. To create a Report Card, navigate to the Board where you’d like the Card to appear and click the Add Card button on the top of the Board.

Step One

You will then be presented with different new Card options. Click the Report Card, which will appear at the top of the options list.

Step Two – 

Futrli gives you the option to add either a Parent or Child category of non-financial data. You can do this much in the same way as you would add any other rows to a report a card. Simply click the “See All” in the “Search for a Row” box.

This will bring up the modal below, where you can select the Non-Financial Categories and Accounts tab. This will then display all of the parent categories on the right of the box.  Clicking on the Parent Category name will select the non-financial parent category and all data within it. You can then click “Select” to add the desired rows to your card.

Once you have clicked Add Non-Financial, the non-financial Parent categories will be available for selection. Simply click on those you would like to appear on the Card and click Save.

Tip: If you know the name of the category you wish to add to the card, you can simply start typing the name in the box to add it, rather than opening the modal above.

The Parent Category will then appear on the Card, but with the ability to expand to also see the child data on the Table.

Step Three – Child Category

There is also the option to include individual Child categories for non-financial data. To include this, you will need to undertake a very similar process.

You can click “See All” once again and select the Non-Financial Categories and Accounts tab as before. However, this time, if you select the drop-down arrow beside the Parent category it will reveal the child categories, which can then be individually selected and added to the card.



Of course, much like the parent categories, you can add the child categories to a formula within the Formula Builder.

You are able to add as many Child categories to the Card as you like. By adding them individually, they will appear on the Chart as well as the Table.

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