Creating Formulas

Adding your first Formula

You can create your own custom KPIs and formulas using Futrli’ Formula Builder. Build complex calculations or simply select an individual line – financial or otherwise – to report upon. It’s up to you.

Written by Ross MacLeod

Using Cards to Display Formulas

Report Cards

The workhorse card that you will use A LOT!

Written by Hannah Dawson

Snapshot Cards

How are you performing up until today?

Written by Hannah Dawson

Helpful Formula Hints

The importance of non-financial business drivers

Your current and future business operations will be affected by a whole range of variables, variables that are rarely set in stone. Often these will be driven by a non-financial element.

Written by Hannah Dawson

Change how your data is displayed: transactional or cumulative

Written by Ross MacLeod

Applying a Period Offset in Formulas (KPIs)

By default any account line, category or non-financial line you add to a formula will reference its transactional or cumulative value for the reporting or forecasting period selected in the Card’s settings or in the forecast formula. Applying a Period Offset allows you to reference past periods instead, enabling you to create calculations such as Opening Bank Balance and Monthly Growth in Revenue.

Written by Ross MacLeod

Formula Definitions

What are Net Assets? (Balance Sheet)

Net Assets are the difference between your total Liabilities and your total Assets.

Written by Ross MacLeod

What are Retained Earnings? (Balance Sheet)

Retained Earnings are profits which were earned in a previous Financial Year, which have not been distributed as Dividends. These are recorded under Equity.

Written by Ross MacLeod

What is Net Profit?

Net Profit is the total amount of profit the business has earned after all incomes and expenses within a reporting period have been accounted for.

Written by Ross MacLeod