Snapshot Cards – five fuss free insights

How are you performing up until today?

Written by Hannah Dawson

The Snapshot is brilliant at showing you how you are performing on 5 key metrics in a given period up until today. 

Add Snapshots either from the Build your own section or by hitting one of the templates

Add the Card > Give the Card a title > “Revenue KPIs up until today” > Choose Monthly > Choose Income

I’ve duplicated the card twice more for illustration purposes, but you don’t need to. This image below, highlights the settings, the presentation and the detail on the card.

You are presented with 5 essential, no fuss insights

From left to right:

  • Revenue for the current period up until today. We all want to know this! 
  • The forecast for revenue for the month up until today. This is important – we store your forecast/budget/scenario data just like your accounting data, daily. It’s going to say 0 at the moment, but we’re going to fix that in a few minutes.
  • How you are performing against your forecast target. Again don’t worry, this will have a progress bar soon
  • How you are performing today in comparison to last month for the same period. This is what we obsess over every day, from a revenue perspective.
  • How you are performing today in comparison to last year for the same period. A key performance indicator for longer-term progress.

It’s the first really simple, but hugely insightful card in a Killer Board and one that you can check over coffee in the morning on your smartphone – just like I do! (no app required, Futrli is designed responsively so just works on every device). There are many permutations that this Card can take, so have a play.

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