Can you import data from Spreadsheets?

Yes, spreadsheet data can be imported into Futrli via CSV. You can import financial data and use it to create standalone Organisations; upload non-financial data, which can be displayed in you reports, or used to build KPIs or to create complex forecast projections; and you can pull in budgets you’ve created elsewhere.

Written by Ross MacLeod

Yes, spreadsheet data can be imported into Futrli via CSV. There are three different ways data can be uploaded into Futrli in this fashion:

  • You can import financial data from any accountancy platform in order to create standalone Organisations.
  • You can upload non-financial data, which can be displayed in your Reports, used to build KPIs and used to create complex forecast projections.
  • You can pull in budgets or forecasts you’ve created elsewhere, which can then be edited, copied and reported upon.

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