How Can I Show VAT Liability for an Organisation on a Card?

Written by Matthew Cawthra


VAT Liability can be shown on a Card in Futrli. You are able to view previous balances, as well as current and future liabilities.

Add A Card

A suitable Card to use for this exercise is a Report Card. Create a Report Card by navigating to the Board you wish the Card to appear, clicking the plus button in the top right corner, then select the Report option:

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 11.27.50


Access the Formula Builder

The VAT Account will be found within the Formula Builder. To access the Formula Builder, Click New Formula within the Report settings of the Card. The Income Account is added to the Card by default, but can be removed once the VAT Account has been added:

You will then find the Formula Builder in the top right of the window:

Create The Formula

Once in the Formula Builder, title the Formula and search for the VAT Account:

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 11.50.47

Complete The Card

Once the Account is ready, the Card details will need to be completed. The correct Organisation needs to be selected, along with the Data Type and Date Range. Complete these sections, click Done and the Card will be complete:

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