Is Futrli for me?

Written by Hannah Dawson


What is Futrli?

Futrli gives you clear insights into how your business is performing today, in the past and most importantly, because of our powerful integrated forecasting ability, we give you a clear view of your future.

Getting a handle on cashflow and exploring possible futures is key to business success.

What can I do with Futrli?

If you have a desktop/tablet/mobile device and a connection to the internet, you can use Futrli to:

  • Make decisions clear in the knowledge that you have the insights to back your decisions up
  • Create one or more forecasts simply to get a handle on what the future of your business looks like
  • Compare your actual performance to your predictions easily, to speed up your decision making process
  • Get alerted to any key metrics that are important to you, straight to your inbox. Never miss another important change in your business
  • Collaborate over your numbers with your team or advisors. Empowerment or advice it is all better than going it alone.
  • Throw your cumbersome spreadsheets away
  • Never have to enter accounting data again with automatic syncing that updates daily

Who uses Futrli?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start ups
  • Established SMEs
  • Bookkeepers
  • CFOs
  • Financial advisors
  • Accounting firms

What sets Futrli apart?

Running a business is hard and you need your tools to do the heavy lifting for you. Futrli brings together the best of BI (business intelligence), alerting and forecasting software, to give you everything you need to understand, and collaborate over your business’s today and tomorrow in a simple, integrated platform that is easy for all to use.