How Do I Calculate Cumulative Data from the Start of a Report Rather Than The Start of an Organisation’s Data


Within a Report Card in FUTRLI, the date that cumulative data begins can be amended. By default, cumulative data will commence from the start of an Organisation’s data. This can be changed though to begin from specific dates that suit the Report in question.

Step One

Once a new Report Card has been opened and the correct Organisation has been selected, ensure that the Data Type is Actual or Forecast and Actual. The data range is specific to the Report timeframe, but will need to be set to one less period than required. For example, if the Report was to show the cumulative Income for the previous 6 months, the date range will be This (or Last) calendar month, & the previous 5 Periods:

Step Two

In the Report section of the card, select Add Account:

Step Three

After selecting Add Accounts, when selecting the Account Categories, ensure the dropdown menu on the cumulative has checked Cumulate from the start of this report:

Step Four

This will ensure that the data begins from the start date of the Report, rather than the start of the Organisation’s data: