Addings rows to cards

Make your Reports insightful by adding Data, from Accounts, Groups and Non-financials to Formulas and custom KPIs.

Written by Rob Guard

Let’s talk about rows

Futrli is designed to show the data that is most important to you, so we can use our cards to see different combinations of data to provide personalised information, and you can do this by adding rows to your card to cover specific accounts you may wish to look at in order to create custom targets or KPIs.

Adding Rows Using The Search Bar

When you first navigate to the Report tab on your card, you will see the row defaults to “Income”. This is always the case, but we can easily edit this.

Using the search bar you can add any category, account or group within your selected organisation to your report. To do so, simply enter the name of the item you wish to add and then select it:

This will then add the selected row to your card.

If you want to remove a row, you can simply click the “X” beside the row you wish to remove and it will magically disappear.

Adding Multiple Rows

As well as adding rows one-by-one using the search bar, you can also add multiple rows in bulk by pressing the see all button.

Multiple rows within your account can be added in this way, from accounts, categories and groups, to non-financials, cashflow accounts and saved formulas – but data has to have been added for it to appear.

If you’ve not yet added any non-financial data, you won’t find the option to add it to your report.

Cashflow rows will only be available when you’re working with forecast data, so ensure you’ve chosen to display ‘actual and forecast’ or ‘forecast only’ data on your card. They’re also not available when you’re using tracking cards.

To add multiple rows, move your mouse over the item and click the row. Selected rows will be highlighted and ticked, you can add as many items as you like in this fashion.

Any account which contains groups, sub-groups or child accounts will display alongside a >. Click this to expand the account and items contained within it:

Adding Custom KPIs

Futrli is business reporting without restrictions, which empowers you to get the insights that matter to you. As well as adding groups, accounts and categories, you can also create your own custom KPIs to add to your reports. To create a custom KPI, click the new formula button.

This will then open up your personal formula library, with the pre-saved formulas that we provide, as well an as any custom formulas you have saved. Clicking “Formula Builder” will take you to the next screen where you can create a custom formula KPI.

Using the search bar, locate the items you wish to use within your formula and then select the calculation you wish to be performed, name your KPI and click “Confirm” to save.

Top tip: You can include financial and non-financial data within the same formula, set the display type and the rounding

Adding rows is a great way to customise your cards, ensuring that you get the right information for your business. No generic insights here, with Futrli you can get as granular as you like and make your business insights specific to your organisation.

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