Change how your data is displayed: transactional or cumulative

Written by Ross MacLeod


In Futrli, data can either be set to display transactionally or cumulatively. Setting data to display transactionally will display the net movements which have occurred within a period, whereas setting data to display cumulatively will display the balance.


When adding an Account to a Card, you are able to amend the display between cumulative and transactional. Adjacent to the Account in question when the Card is in the Report tab, click the drop-down arrow:

By clicking this option, the current dataset will show:

By clicking on the current dataset, you can select to change:


To edit a current Formula, or create a new one, click New Formula:

Each item within the Formula will have a triangle within the box as a drop-down menu:

Within the drop-down menu, there is the option of which data set to use, and you can switch these to Cumulative or Transactional data in each drop down, as per the screenshot above. You can use this same method to change the options in the Formula Method when creating a Forecast entry.

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