Collaborating with your team, advisor or investors

Using the Share this Board option, you can share the Reports you’ve created in a live format. Any content that is shared as a Live Board will automatically update as changes are made to it by the Board Owner or by any User who has Write access to the Board

Written by Ross MacLeod

The most powerful way to transform your business is by collaborating over the insights held within your data

This is why we have created Live Board Sharing.

Why would you update a dashboard after it is built?

We use this feature at Futrli with our management team and investors:

The current month’s management board (all reports are set to this month on the settings tab) has notes added via a text card as the month progresses. As the data flows in and is interpreted by us all, additional comments are added, and new reports (Cards) may also be added in order to explore the new business dilemma or problem to solve. If that happens, all of our collaborators are notified and the cycle continues.

At the end of the month, a duplicate of the board is made, and stored in a folder with the prior monthly boards for reference. It’s like a virtual business journal! (Note: all of the dates on the Cards within the copied boards are then set to that month’s end date: March’s copied board will be set to the 31st March in all cases, and any cards that reference forecasts will have the scenario options set to show actuals “until period end Feb”)


Now we have hopefully convinced you that sharing a live board is the way forward, here’s how!

Please note, Live Boards is currently in Open-Beta. That means that we’ve made it available for all users but our team are still hard at work adding the finishing touches to make it perfect for you. If you have any feedback please let us know!

Sharing a Live Board

Selecting the Share Boards button

You can share a Live Board using the Share Boards button. First, select the Board you wish to share from your Boards list:

Then hover your mouse over the Share button and select Share Boards:

This will load the Board Sharing area:

Sharing your Board with a User

At the bottom of the Board Sharing area you’ll find the option to give live access to your Board to other users:

Give permissions

Enter the name or email address of the User you wish to share with in the text box, then choose whether to give them Read Only or Write Access to your Board. Once happy, click the Done button to confirm:

Enter User

Live Board Permissions


Live Boards come with flexible permission settings. If you are the original creator of a Board then you’ll be designated the Board Owner. This gives you total control to choose whom has access to your content and to dictate what level of access they have. Your recipients can be given Write Access, allowing them to make changes that will alter the Board’s content for all Users, or Read Only access, which will allow them only to view and print the Board. You can change your recipient’s access – or remove it entirely – at anytime.

Please note, in the present iteration of Live Boards we would recommend against simultaneous editing – that’s editing a Board’s content whilst another Users is doing likewise at the same point of time. Full support for simultaneous editing, including visibility over whom is currently viewing a Live Board, will be coming soon.

Changing a User’s Permissions

You can change a User’s access to a Board at anytime. To do so, select the Share Boards button. With the Share Boards area loaded, use the dropdown to alter the a User’s permissions from Write Access to Read Only or Read Only to Write Access. When happy press the Done button. Your change will be reflected when the Board is reloaded by the User:

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 14.53.30

Notifying Users of changes

You can notify Users when a change has been made to a Board, which they share Live access to. This can be done using the Notify Users button in the top right of the Board. When pressed the User will receive an in-app notification that the Board has been updated.

Using the Notify Users button

The Notify Users button will be found in the top right of any Board that has been shared as a Live Board:

Click the Notify Users button:

This will display a list of Users whom will be informed that a change has been made to your Board. Press Notify to confirm:

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 14.56.29

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