Creating a new board

Your insights start here!

Written by Tom Mimnagh

Boards are the blank canvas on which you will display your insights

Creating a board is a fast, simple process that will get you well on the way to getting better business insights.

Boards can operate as your live business plan, giving you the ability to monitor daily a customisable range of metrics, which if connected to a cloud-based accountancy package will update on a daily basis automatically.

To create a Board, navigate to the “Boards” section of Futrli.

This is where you can create new Boards and view your existing ones. On the top of each Board, you’ll find the Board Controls. In this example, we are interested in “My Boards”, where you can view the boards you have created as well as the Boards you may have been granted access to.

To add a new board of your own, click the “New Board” button

You’ll instantly be taken to your new Board! It’s now ready for you to add some Cards

This whole process can take mere seconds, and set you on course to bolder, better insights for your business.