Exporting options for Boards, Cards, Scenarios (PDFs, Excel, CSV)

You’ve got some insights, reports, forecasts, scenario comparisons and you need to send them to a team member

Written by Hannah Dawson

When an online version won’t do we have options for your reports, scenarios and forecasts

You can always print the screen of your browser, but reports sometimes hold many more periods than are displayed within the frame of the card (that is why scrolling was invented!). So, Chrome extensions such as Full Page Screen Capture have a place for marketing purposes for instance (many of our advisor clients use these to advertise the kind of insights that they are working on with their clients), but if you are using Futrli as an entrepreneur, the chances are you’ll need to hand out board reports or submit forecasts to the bank. In these cases, please use our export functions.

Export options are:

  • PDFs (export available for Boards, Cards and Scenarios)
  • Excel (export available for Cards and Scenarios)
  • CSV (export available for Cards only)



They can either be generated for the entire dashboard, by hitting Print on the Board menu. You can also print a single Card report by accessing the dropdown you will find on cards:

Should tables exceed one page width or length, the columns and rows will be paginated to ensure all data is printed. So, if you want a specific Card report to appear on one page only, you have the ability to reduce the time periods on the Settings tab, the rows on the Report tab, or column formulas on the Advanced tab.

Note: If your PDF does not automatically download or you don’t get any notifications (see below), please ensure that your browser has pop ups enabled. Please see this wiki to find out how.

For Scenarios it is the same process. You will also see the export to Excel option beside the print option:

 Excel & CSV

In the dropdown in the top right of any card, you will also find the export to Excel and CSV options.

Excel files will be formatted as you have the report set up. If you have collapsed/expanded rows, want to see forecast lines or just summary information, however your card appears in the dashboard is what the excel output shall be, with full formatting:

Excel export example

CSV files export the entire report, with no formatting. This is perfect for imports and uploads.



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