Forecast Cashflow Cards

Drill into even more detail than you can on the Cash Flow area of Scenarios

Written by Hannah Dawson

Scenarios display 12 periods and a financial year total (if you have monthly periods selected). They are functional and give you a focused presentation. However, the real insights come when you present your forecast data in Cards.

Adding a Forecast Cashflow Card

The Forecast Cash Flow Card is actually a Report Card with the Cash Flow configuration added to the Report tab and it must have either Forecast only or Forecast & Actual selected (Actual data should never be selected in isolation for a Forecast Cashflow card).


Note; We do not pull in the invoices from your online accounting packages and therefore do not have the detail for your actual cash in/cash out. Your financial data shows it in accrual form.

By visualising in a Card (you can, of course, replicate your entire scenario in a board) you can analyse more and highlight areas that you may have missed during the creation of the scenario.

Drill into the forecast items that build up these Receipts and Payments, check for variances that you might think aren’t looking reasonable for your business and visualise your Net Cashflow vs Bank position for instance. Remember you can hit the legends under the chart to focus in on one KPI.

Just ensure that your actuals are showing up until the last period (Settings tab), as your opening balances for your bank need to be accurate.


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