How Can I Export a Table and Chart on the Same PDF Page?

Written by Matthew Cawthra


Any Card you create in Futrli or that you have Edit access to can be exported as a PDF. There is an option to print the Card on two separate pages, as well as an option to print on one page. To export a Card as a PDF, click the Card Print button in the top right of the Card. This will cause the Card to be exported as a PDF in a new window. Please note, Cards can only be exported to PDF by paying subscribers and their Users.

Step One

Navigate to the Card you wish to export to PDF. In the Display section of the Card, you will find an option to set the chart height to either small or Large. Select Small and click Done:


Step Two

After you have clicked Done, the Card will turn to show the Chart and Table. By clicking the Print button in the top right corner, a PDF will be produced. As the Chart height has been set to small, the PDF will be one page, as opposed to two:

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