How to add a new Dashboard

Your insights start here!

Written by Hannah Dawson

You will end up with lots of Dashboards for different reasons.

Some will be fast and disposable, with quick reports created for an instant decision you need to make (we use it this way daily!), and some will be more static, for your stakeholders for instance, which are more complex and something you will build once and then enjoy watching it update daily without any effort from you, as it regularly syncs with your data to give you an up-to-date, evolving picture of your chosen area of focus.

A Board is a blank canvas that holds your Reports together, delivering insights along the way. You can create Boards using the New Board Button. You’ll find the Button on the top of every Board.

To create a Board navigate to the Boards section of Futrli.

This is where you can create New Boards and view your existing ones. On the top of each Board you’ll find the Board Controls.

And, to add a new one, click the New Board button

You’ll instantly be taken to your new Board! It’s now ready for you to add some Cards

This whole process can take mere seconds, and set you on course to bolder, better insights into your business.

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