How to use Presentation Mode

Presentation is everything. This display style really focuses the audience and will change how you hold board meetings forever.

Written by Matthew Cawthra


Presentation is everything. That’s why we created Presentation Mode to help you display your data as beautifully as possible. Using Presentation Mode you can view a full-screen version of each Card on your Board, allowing you to hone in on the details contained within your reports (and impress all of your friends!). You can navigate between Cards in Presentation Mode using the on-screen left and right arrows or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Using Presentation Mode

Launching Presentation Mode

Once you’ve added at least one Card to a Board, the option to launch Presentation Mode will appear amongst the Board controls on your Board:

Select the Presentation Mode button:

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 12.04.10

Alternatively, each Card has a button to expand into Presentation Mode:

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 12.10.39

This will launch you into Presentation Mode, displaying the first Card on your report in full-screen mode and providing you with handy left and right arrows (when you have more than one Card added on your Board of course!) to help you navigate through your report:

Tip: Once enlarged into the Presentation Mode, the Cards will appear in the same order as they appear on the Board. Find out more about moving and resizing the layout of Cards in the following guide.

Navigating between Cards

Once the presentation has begun, use either the on-screen arrows or the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate between Cards:

Exiting Presentation Mode

You can exit Presentation Mode at any time. Simply select the Close Presentation Mode button found within the top right of each Card:

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