Navigating your board

Written by Tom Mimnagh

Taking you through the main controls on your board

Navigating your board is simple, but sometimes we all need a little direction so let’s have a look at where you can find the various functions on your board.

In the top left-hand corner, you can re-name your board by clicking on the name and changing it. You can save the new name by selecting the tick, or pressing Enter.





Beneath the name of your board, we have the various board controls.

From left to right, we have “My Boards” which is where you will find your saved boards and folders of boards. “New Board” is where you create a new blank canvas to frame your reports; “Add Card” is where you can add a variety of new cards, including Reports, Snapshots, Comparisons, and many more card types. “Bulk Edit Organisation” allows you to change the organisation for all the cards on your board in one go.

“Presentation Mode” allows you to effortlessly display your cards full screen for the purpose of presenting them to an audience. Finally, “Share”, as you might expect allows you to share your board or send a copy to a client, customer or collaborator.

In the top right corner of your board, we have some further controls. Firstly, we have the notifications icon, which is where you will be informed of when any boards are shared with you, any printed reports will be available to download, and you’ll be notified of any other changes or updates.

Next we have the Help section, where you can ask our dedicated support team a question using the Ask us a Question function, you can access our extension KPI Library for industry specific KPIs, find How To guides for the various functions of Futrli (looks like you’ve already found them if you’re reading this), and you can also check the status and service of Futrli.

Finally, we have the Settings area, which allows to Log Out of your Futrli account, as well as making changes to your account including resetting your password.

You should now have a good understanding of where to find the main controls on your board, and how to navigate them with ease.

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