Top tips for Cards and Boards (Adding Boards & Cards, Bulk editing, Presentation mode & Duplication)

There are always top tips for using a nifty piece of software and here are a few!

Written by Hannah Dawson

Topics covered:

  1. Adding a new dashboard (Board) and finding existing ones (Boards are collections of reports – Cards)
  2. Adding a new Card (Unique report/insight for your business)
  3. Bulk Edit mode (change the organisations on every card in a board in one go)
  4. Presentation Mode – this is a MUST
  5. Duplicating a board & card

1. Adding a new board, and searching for existing dashboards

You have to start here! All of your insights are going to be contained within a dashboard. Add and search for them like so (Don’t forget to give them a unique title)

Add a new one:

Search for an existing one:

2. Adding a new Card (unique report or insight for your business)

If you have come here first and not completed our 5 Steps to success with Futrli articles, please head there first – it is not only a how-to, but most importantly will give you a lot of why you should approach FURTLI in this best way.

3. Bulk Editing Organisations

For those of you with more than one organisation synced to Futrli, this is a quick way to scale reports you have created at speed.

Build your killer dashboards for one organisation and assuming they have the same Chart of Account structure or all of your reports and formulas reference account categories, you can duplicate, bulk update to a new org and Bob’s your uncle! A brand new dashboard for a new business in a second.

4. Presentation mode: This is the future of Board meetings.

Bring your business to life for your stakeholders or team, and get your insights on the big screen.

We’ve now got the whole room focussed – you can even use the left and right keys on your keyboard to scroll through reports so you don’t stumble half way through your presentation.

All Cards on a Board can also be expanded to full screen so they can be viewed in beautiful detail – simply click the expand icon on any Card:

Once you’ve added at least one Card to a Board, the option to launch Presentation Mode will appear amongst the Board controls on your Board, hit Presentation Mode as below. Alternatively, each Card has a button to expand into Presentation Mode too.

5. Duplication!

Sometimes, particularly if you have spent time creating the Report and the KPIs you are measuring, you want the same report or insight, but for a different organisation, or time period, or for actual not forecast data, or you want to change the display etc. etc. So, don’t build it from scratch again!

Duplicating Cards
Hit the button and choose the Board you want it to appear on. It will appear at the top of the Board

Duplicating Boards
Once the Duplicate button has been pressed, the Board will be immediately duplicated, and the copy will have ‘(copy)’ in the title.

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